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Sanding and polishing pads

Flexipads sander polisher pads are highly durable and are available in a range of densities and configurations to suit your application

Standard sander polisher support pads

  • No foam layer
    Standard support pads with a medium flexibility back plate and no foam layer
  • Medium density
    Ultra durable backing pads with a highly resistant PUR layer, protecting the work surface and prolonging the lifespan of the pad
  • Soft density
    Perfect for curved and contoured surfaces due to the highly flexible, waterproof foam layer

Extra grip

Designed for non-woven surface conditioning (SCD), discs with abrasives such as such as Norton Beartex, or 3M Scotch-Brite. Our SCD backing pads use extra tough Extragrip hooks and firmer pads for the higher requirements of these applications

  • Firm sanding pads
    Great for surface cleaning and preparation work including scuffing before applying paint or primer
  • Very firm sanding pads
    Flat no-foam pads for scuffing, removal of rust and spot repairs in clearcoat and paint systems
  • Rigid
    Our stiffest range for the hardest surfaces – with centering pin

Ultra soft sanders

  • Thicker support pads with a 25mm soft foam layer
  • Ideal for sanding curved or delicate surfaces
  • Made from a waterproof neoprene, the outer edge is angled for precision work

Flexipads offers a comprehensive range of grinding, sanding and polishing solutions. Our products are used daily in a diverse range of industries – from car detailing and carpentry to wind turbine production and oil rig maintenance

  • Range of densities

    We offer a range of densities from no-foam backing pads, to durable PUR or ultra soft foam for curved surfaces or final polishing
  • For abrasives, foams, wools or microfibre

    Our pads come with hook and loop fittings for use with our various accessories to sand, cut or polish your surface
  • Standard fittings

    With standard M14 and 5/8 thread, the pads are compatible with most rotary sanders on the market

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