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Dual action pads

Flexipads dual action pads are highly durable and available in a range of densities and configurations to suit your application

Medium profile pads

A standard 12mm height pad ideal for general use, with excellent resistance to tearing and other damage. Available with a range of hole patterns suitable for various abrasive configurations in 125mm and 150mm diameters.

Specialist pads

  • Low profile pads
    Thinner firmer pads recommended for use with coarse abrasives
  • Thick profile pads
    Thicker pads are great for more contoured and curved surfaces – but the thick construction means they may overheat if used with wood
  • Coolflow™
    Our Coolflow™ pads feature a hollow chamber to allow greater air flow, providing the ultimate in dust extraction

DA pad accessories

  • Interface cushions
    Our interface cushions are a soft foam layer placed between an orbital sanding pad and abrasive disc – the foam layer absorbs inconsistencies in pressure and wraps around curved or contoured surfaces reducing the risk of paint burn through
  • Velour protection discs
    Thin velour protection layers to add an additional layer that absorbs heat, protecting the fixing on the dual action backing pad
  • Range of densities

    We offer a range of different pad densities to suit various surfaces and working requirements - from light wood sanding to paint removal, or high-end robot applications - along with interface cushions that can absorb inconsistencies in applied pressure
  • Dust extraction holes and vents

    Our pads come in all standard hole patterns and with side dust extraction vent options for extra dust removal. For really dust heavy applications our Cyclone™ pads provide the ultimate dust extraction
  • Standard fittings

    M8 and 5/16 threads are compatible with most dual action polishers including Makita & Festool machines.
    We also make pads designed for GEX125 A/AC 150 AC, GEX 12 A/AE 150 & PEX 220 A sanders

Flexipads offers a comprehensive range of grinding, sanding and polishing solutions. Our products are used daily in a diverse range of industries – from car detailing and carpentry to wind turbine production and oil rig maintenance


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