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Premium wool

Wool surface pads for a more aggressive cutting action than foam

Our premium wool products include:

  • Wool tie bonnets
    Items with a cord fixing, to be tied around a backing pad
  • Super buffing pad
    Large wool pads, with a twisted wool construction
  • Superfine
    The finest double stitched velour, double-combed, pure New Zealand merino sheepskin GRIP pads with 25mm pile length for fine to medium cut
  • PRO-Wool
    Short 8 to 10mm pile length wool for the most efficient cut – combined with a soft foam layer for improved pad control on flat and contoured surfaces
  • Grip wools
    Wool items with velour for use with a GRIP backing
  • SealMelt
    Merino lambs wool pads combined with black SealMelt™ GRIP, for improved lifespan and efficiency

Hybrid Coolpads

  • Pads with a hybrid microfibre and wool surface
  • The microfibre adds a higher cutting surface, while the wool gives a better finish
  • Best used with a dual action random orbital polisher

These pads have a wool surface delivering a more aggressive cutting action than our foam pads.

Our team of experts are available to help you select the correct product for your application.

Flexipads offers a comprehensive range of grinding, sanding and polishing solutions. Our products are used daily in a diverse range of industries – from car detailing and carpentry to wind turbine production and oil rig maintenance.



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