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Protective covers for robots, equipment and parts

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Robot covers, equipment and manufactured parts protection

Botprotek industrial robot covers can be produced in multiple fabrics to suit the critical nature of the application, reducing operating costs and protecting your initial investment.

Our team of experts are available to help you select the correct product for your application.

A spray painting robot in a botprotek robot cover

Protect your investment

From use in manufacturing and paint spraying to hospitals and space exploration – robots bring huge benefits to us all.

But, robots require a considerable initial investment.

Our covers can help you to protect your capital investment and ensure better ROI from your robot.

  • Can be made to cover any robot or industrial machinery
  • Our industrial covers will reduce operating costs
  • Designed to protect your capital investment
  • Botprotek covers are provided based on your budget and requirements
  • Our technical team will work with you to find the best solution for your application
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white space shuttle indoors

Protect your critical environment

For safer operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) – our anti-static covers achieve ISO 80079-36 standard to prevent the risk of static sparks.

We also offer Anti-Static Fire Retardant (ASFR) covers, and cleanroom certified covers manufactured and air cleaned to ensure minimal contamination.

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) covers
  • Anti-Static Fire Retardant (ASFR) covers
  • Cleanroom certified covers

Existing designs

We have hundreds of ready-to-go designs including Kuka and Fanuc robot covers, and patterns for most other common robots on the market today. See below for a list of common robots we can cover:

  • Fanuc

    Models including:
    P250iB, M710iC/70, LRMate200iD7L, M10iA, M10iD/12, P145S, P200S, M900iB/360, M900iA/260L, R2000iA/125L, S430iW, P50iB, P50iB 10L, LRMate200iC5L, CR15iA, M20iD/25, CRX10iA, AM710iC/50, P250iB (Jupe), P145 (Préhenseur), P20, P200, LRMate200iD, Paint Mate 200iA & 200iA/5L
  • Kuka

    Models including:
    KR6/KR10 R1100 CR, KR16 R1610, KR360 KRC2, KR16-2, KR210 KRC2, KR210 QUANTEC KRC4, KR8 R1620, KR20 R3100, KR10 R1100 CR, AGILUS KR6/10 R900 CR, KR120/140/270, KR30, KR16 R2010-2, KR20 R1810-2, KR10 R1420, Agilus KR6 R900-2, KR60, KR16, Agilus KR6 R900-2, KR60, KR16, Agilus KR10
  • ABB

    Models including IRB 5500-22, IRB 5500-23, IRB 5500-27, IRB 5500-25
  • Comau

    Racer 5.0.80, Racer 5.0.81, Racer 5.0.82
  • Denso

    VS-068-087, VS-6556G-B
  • Doosan

    HC2017, M0609
  • Dürr

    EcoRP E043i, Jupe Tyvek Dürr Eco RPL033, Housse VW, EcoRP L133, Housse Chine, DÜRR
  • Epson Robotics

    Scara G3-351C, C8-A901, N6-A1000SR, C8 A701S, Scara T3, VT6L
  • Han's Robot

    Elfin Cobot
  • Hyandai

  • Kawasaki

    RS-006, BA006L, FS 30L-FD42, CX110L-BC02, KF193
  • Mitsubishi

  • Neuromeka

    Indy 12
  • OnRobot

  • Stäubli

    RX160L, RX160 EX, TX2-140, RX160, TX90
  • Techman

  • Universal Robots

    UR5e, UR10e
  • Yaskawa

    GP35L, GP50, MP010, MPX2600, MPX3500, EA1900N, GP25SV, GP225, MH180, MGX2750, PX2050, MH24, ES200D, MA1440, MA2010, EPX2900
Designing the pattern for a Botprotek robot cover

On demand service

If we don’t have an existing solution that will work for your application, machine or equipment – our team of experts can help you with our on-demand robot covers.

We will work directly with your team:

  1. We will analyse your robot’s environment and take precise measurements to make a pattern for the cover
  2. We choose the most suited materials and closure systems for the application ensuring the right type of paint protection, anti-static or ATEX zone suitability.
  3. We’ll make a prototype for your validation to test the robot covers fit and ensure the best protection for your equipment
Designing the pattern for a Botprotek robot cover

Parts and equipment

Our covers can be produced in multiple fabrics suitable to protect painting booth equipment like spray guns or cover delicate parts like wind turbine blades.

Parts and equipment covers

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