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Anyone that has witnessed shelves of rejected semiconductors, or vials of desperately needed, but potentially compromised vaccines, will appreciate the need for contamination control in these spaces.

Gekatex cleanroom robot covers, face masks, gloves and protection products help to secure clean environments.

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Our Q+ cleanroom consumables are manufactured and treated to protect this clean environment and ensure minimum contamination.

We supply dry wipes, swabs, mop covers and protection products – such as face masks and industrial equipment protection for use in cleanrooms.

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Why choose Q+ products?

  • Q+ products are supplied with a Certificate of Analysis (COA), to show exact measured contamination values, alongside the industry standard Certificate of Conformity (COC)
  • Our in-house Liquid Particle Count (LPC) capability ensures our products are precisely measured and engineered to minimise particle release and reduce the contamination risk for critical clean spaces
  • We use filtered air and deionised water for cleanroom washing and drying
  • Packaging operations are done in qualified ISO 5 rooms
  • Manufacturing takes place in-house, this means that Gekatex products are both, fully customisable and fully traceable
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