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A man in a spray suit standing on a cherry picker sprays the body of an aeroplane. The picker has yellow protective covers around it's sides and base, while the mans spray gun has a white protective spray gun cover.

Parts and equipment covers

Botprotek develops and manufactures protective covers for robots and industrial equipment.

Our covers can be produced in multiple fabrics to suit the critical nature of your application, reducing operating costs and protecting your initial investment.

A spray painting robot in a botprotek robot cover

Equipment covers

Using the same tough and durable materials as our high end robot covers, our equipment covers offer the same protection to other tools and parts of the painting process.

Our spray gun covers also fit the operators hand, protecting both from excessive over-spray.

Suitable for handheld and automatic spray guns and available in a variety of sizes and materials depending on application.

  • Covers equipment like spray guns
  • Protection for equipment in painting booths
  • Multiple materials avaliable including TYVEK®

Parts cover

Protecting parts during assembly and transportation is crucial.

We offer a range of covers and custom tailored solutions to product items like wind turbine blades, custom parts or specific machinery.


  • Designed to protect your capital investment
  • Custom covers for delicate parts like wind turbine blades
shallow focus photo of high voltage signage
white space shuttle indoors

Protect your critical environment

For safer operation in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) – our anti-static covers achieve ISO 80079-36 standard to prevent the risk of static sparks.

We also offer Anti-Static Fire Retardant (ASFR) covers, and cleanroom certified covers manufactured and air cleaned to ensure minimal contamination.

  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) covers
  • Anti-Static Fire Retardant (ASFR) covers
  • Cleanroom certified covers

On demand service

If we don’t have an existing solution that will work for your application, machine or equipment – our team of experts can help you with our on-demand protection covers.

We will work directly with your team:

  1. We will analyse your working environment and take precise measurements to make a pattern for the cover
  2. We choose the most suited materials and closure systems for the application ensuring the right type of paint protection, anti-static or ATEX zone suitability.
  3. We’ll make a prototype for your validation to test the cover fits and ensure the best protection for your equipment
Designing the pattern for a Botprotek robot cover

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