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Originally developed by Gekatex in 1980, tack rags™ (also known as tack cloth, tac cloth or tak rags) are wipes specifically designed to efficiently capture and retain dust, particles and lint that could affect the adhesion or quality of your surface treatment, whether it is painting, coating, lamination or other assembly process.

Original tack rags

Classic gauze tack rag, treated with tacky material to remove loose dust, dirt and lint that would contaminate your painting, coating, laminating or finishing.

  • Natural cotton
  • Polyester
  • Wave structure tack rag

Expert tack rags

Nonwoven tack rags made from viscose and polyester. Their unique structure is perfect for wiping all surfaces, even or uneven, with a high efficiency.

  • 3D design for excellent dust pickup
  • Dry tack
  • Range of colours

Premium tack rags

100% polyester tack rags, knitted into a resistant mesh to guarantee the perfect stability.

Particularly recommended when no dust contamination is allowed.

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