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General conditions of sale

Clients are reminded that the present standard terms of sales apply exclusively to all orders made to GEKATEX SAS, named as the “Seller”

Download a copy of our Standard sales terms (B2B) covering the scope, quotation, delivery, payment, warranty and confidentially terms.

Content of the website and liability limitation

All information, data, graphics and publications posted by GEKATEX SAS on the webpages of have been investigated and compiled with the greatest care, to the best of our knowledge and in good faith, and taken over in unchanged form if they originate from external sources, without, however, asserting any claim that they are complete and free of errors and without excluding the possibility that they can be misinterpreted or misused by users of this website. GEKATEX SAS therefore assumes no liability for the information and data that is provided being up-to-date, correct and complete or accessible. Any liability of GEKATEX SAS is excluded except in cases of gross negligence or wilful intent. 

Disruptions caused by technical problems will be kept to the minimum possible. It cannot, however, be guaranteed that all of the data and information on the website is generated/structured in error-free files or formats. GEKATEX SAS assumes no liability for technical problems that might arise on account of the use of these webpages or related external websites. 

GEKATEX SAS reserves the right to amend or supplement the information or data provided or to suspend the service without notice. 

Copyright and trademark notices

This website and all its contents are the copyrighted property of GEKATEX SAS, or of their respective owners, indicated if applicable, who reserve themselves all rights related to this website or to its contents. 

The logos of Gekatex, Flexipads, Botprotek, Q+, Tack rags, Acusat are owned by Gekatex Group and must not be distributed without permission.

All or part of this website and/or any registered trademark or logo must not be used or displayed publicly without the prior written permission of GEKATEX SAS. 

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