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Drum holders, spindle fixed or drill tools

Flexipads spindle fixed, or drill tools can be used with a range of electric drills including pneumatic (air tools), which take a spindle fitting

Drum holders

Made from a highly durable material with good resistance to chemicals, oils, and weathering.

  • Remove imperfections
    Rubber holders for spiral bands/spiraband abrasives. These are typically used for finishing/removal of weld seams, burrs and other imperfections from a range of surfaces, such as metal and wood.
  • Promotes airflow
    The slotted rubber design promotes air flow through the drum and enhances temperature resistance whilst simultaneously helping to fix the abrasive in place.
drum holder

Drum foams

Small foams to use with our drum holders. These are ideal for polishing hard-to-reach and awkwardly-shaped work surfaces which circular foams may find difficult.

  • For delicate, contoured surfaces
    These drum-shaped foams have a cushioned, open-celled configuration, compatible with even the most delicate, curved or contoured work surface.
  • Soft, medium, or firm
    With three foam densities available, this range can be used for both one-step and multi-step polishing processes.

Quick Lock

Quick Lock backing pads use an efficient change fitting system, for practical and safe changing between accessories like sanding discs, flap discs, polydiscs and surface conditioning discs.

  • Tool-free speed up change between abrasives and other attachments
  • For use with Type [R/S/P] accessories
  • Simple, safe and secure connectivity, but easy to remove
  • Discs are always centred, reducing risk of damage to work surface and the backing pad
  • Long lasting heat resistant rubber backing pad

Scruff balls

Tough nonwoven balls for working on metal. These products are good for removing rust, scuffing metal before painting – or for cleaning a burnt-on barbecue grill!

PSA & GRIP spindles

Small flat sanders with a 6mm spindle for drills.

Flexipads offers a comprehensive range of grinding, sanding and polishing solutions. Our products are used daily in a diverse range of industries – from car detailing and carpentry to wind turbine production and oil rig maintenance


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