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A Flexipads blue foam being used on a car bumper

Heavy duty body shop foams

Ideal for use in professional body shops

Our body shop foams

  • White compounding foam
    A very firm foam, ideal for compounding all modern paint systems, including LVHM
  • Yellow heavy compounding foam
    Coarse open-cell foam for heavy duty cutting of oxidized paints
  • Blue compounding/polishing foam
    Medium grade density, for general compounding / polishing
  • Black polishing foam
    Soft foam to bring paint to a good polish
  • Red ultra-soft foam
    Ultra soft density perfect for final polishing
  • Orange thin compounding
    Similar to white compounding foam, but with a thin 25mm depth for a more precise application

Flexipads huge range of heavy duty foams have been specially developed for use in body shops.

Our team of experts are available to help you select the correct product for your application.

Flexipads offers a comprehensive range of grinding, sanding and polishing solutions. Our products are used daily in a diverse range of industries – from car detailing and carpentry to wind turbine production and oil rig maintenance.

A Flexipads blue foam being used on a car bumper


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Foam support pads
A Flexipads blue foam being used on a car bumper

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