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Poly-neat P1 Presat


  • Unique multifilament knitted pattern for high abrasion resistance
  • Excellent scrubbing abilities
  • Very good contaminants pickup
  • Designed for decontamination of sharp pieces and equipment
  • Ready-to-use clean wet wipes, for a simpler, more efficient process

Technical features

  • 120 g/m2 knitted 100% polyester
  • Knitted continuous polyester filament
  • Laundered and packed in a cleanroom environment
  • Double packaging according to cleanroom standards
  • Very low levels of ions and extractables

Saturation solution

  • Pharma grade IPA or ethanol with deionised water
  • Solvent mix filtered at 0,2 μm


This cleanroom product has been developed to shed minimal particles in use

  • Low linting material
  • Saturation operations completed in controlled environment
  • For use in cleanrooms from ISO 9 to 6, EU GMP grade D to B

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