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Cleanroom technical wipes

Our Q+ cleanroom wipes are manufactured in-house to ensure minimal contamination for your cleanroom environment

Q+ Cleanroom

How we grade our products

Our wipes are produced in three cleanliness levels, and are tested using a liquid particle counter according to IEST-RP-CC004.4, section 7 to the following specifications:

  • Silver

    ISO 7/6 - EU GMP B
  • Gold

    ISO 4/5 - EU GMP A
  • Diamond

    ISO 3/4 - EU GMP A

Dry wiping

Available in polyester, microfibre or non-woven, in various sizes, cutouts and packaging for ISO 9 to ISO 4 cleanrooms, our Q+ dry wipes are produced in three cleanliness levels and are tested using a liquid particle counter.

Presaturated wipes

A simpler, faster and more efficient process, presaturated wipes can be more then 50% faster then spray.

Our Q+ presaturated wipes are manufactured to the highest quality standards, with filtered saturation solutions used in controlled conditions provided in cleanroom certified packaging.

Packaging options

We will work with you to deliver the best wipes, packaging, labelling and quantities for your needs, including small and large flexpak packets, or our self-standing resealable bag for large bulk.

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