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Master Neat


  • An effective, general tool

Technical features

  • Swab head available in foam, microfibre knit or polyester knit
  • 100% polypropylene handle
  • 2 sizes
  • 3 head material available
  • Swab handle available in 70mm or 162mm
  • Thermosealed bond between head and handle
  • DI water used throughout the process
  • Manufactured and packed in a cleanroom environment
  • Double packaging according to cleanroom standards
  • Very low levels of ions and extractables


  • General cleaning purpose
  • Cleaning of difficult and hard to reach areas
  • Cleaning sensitive surfaces such as optical assemblies
  • Precision cleaning, ideal for grooved and slotted areas
  • Cleaning of printed circuit boards
  • Sampling

Technical diagram - small size

This product has been developed specifically for cleanroom applications

Diagram - large size

Master Neat is available in two sizes

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