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Face Masks


  • Can be used in cleanrooms from ISO 9 to 4
  • Available with elastic string to the ears, head, or head and neck
  • Polyurethane strings, as recommended in cleanrooms
  • 2 sizes available : 175 mm width (S), and 210 mm (L)
  • Manufactured and packed in a cleanroom environment
  • Double packaging according to cleanroom standards
  • Very low levels of ions and extractables
  • Available sterilised with gamma rays

Available sterilised with gamma rays, following a validated sterilisation process according to ISO 11137-1, for a sterility assurance level of 10-6

Face Masks are available in three different attachment options

For ease and the preference of the user – to go around the ears, or a clip at the rear

Ear loops

Head ties

To go around the head and tie at the back

Head ties

Head loops

Simply loop the elasticated cord over the head

Head loops

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