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Bowl Covers

Controlled environments like pharmaceutical and medical device industries require perfectly aseptic tools and materials. To achieve this, items go through a sterilisation process, ensuring that all bacterial and microbial activities are removed. This is usually done via an autoclave.

Proper wrapping and loading of glassware and containers in the autoclave is essential to guarantee an effective sterilisation.

Gekatex has developed a wide range of autoclavable covers to protect open items along the steam sterilisation process.

Bowl Covers are available in a large variety of sizes, they can cover openings from small pipes and hoses, to beakers and flasks, up to large processing vessels.

They enable fast container preparation for sterilisation, as well as a safe handling of sterilised material.

Technical features

  • Breathable fabric
  • Increased steam penetration during sterilization
  • Fast drying out
  • Preventing contamination
  • High tear resistance fabric
  • Faster sterilisation preparation

Bowl Cover – fabric close-up

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