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Technical wipes

Our dry technical wipes offer effective solvent, sealant and glue cleaning, degreasing and absorption

  • Maximise efficiency

    Maximise the efficiency of your critical cleaning operations
  • Save time

    Work faster and easier using the best wiping materials for your specific process
  • Reduce waste

    Avoiding direct waste through inefficient wiping and indirect waste due to defects created by failed production process

Gekatex technical wipes

  • Our experts will work with you to understand your process and identify the best approach for the application – we can develop an innovative wiping solution that meets all of your requirements
  • Our wipes can be optimised for you, with dimensions, folding and packaging all key elements considered in the design to achieve the most efficient product
  • We have the ability to scale our solutions to meet the requirements of our customers

We will support you to optimise the wiping process and deliver consistent improvements and process optimisations – to reduce production time and waste.

…And because we own the entire manufacturing process from the sourcing of raw products to distribution, we ensure the highest levels of quality control and tracking.


Our materials

Gekatex dry wipes are available in different materials including:

  • Polyester, polyamide and viscose nonwoven

  • Polyester, polyamide nonwoven

  • Polyester and cellulose crepe nonwoven

  • Polyester and cellulose nonwoven

  • Knitted polyester

  • Nonwoven polypropylene and cellulose

  • Polyester and rayon nonwoven

  • Polyester, polyamide knitted

  • Polyester, polyamide microfilament nonwoven

  • Polyamide, PET nonwoven

  • Meltblown nonwoven

  • Viscose and polyester nonwoven

  • Viscose and polyester soft nonwoven

  • Continuous, knitted polyester microfilament

  • Polypropylene and viscose

  • Microfibre

  • Nonwovens dependant on application

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