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Our wipes are PRI QPL certified for use in critical aerospace applications

In a highly regulated industry, there is a clear difference between a certified wipe and one that meets the minimum requirements for the application

The stringent qualification standards of the pilot are not the only factors contributing to the industry’s safety record. The aircraft itself and the tools and consumables used in its production also need to meet the highest levels of quality, to ensure the safety and trust of the crew and passengers.


We work closely with our customers in the aerospace sector, dedicating time and commitment to understanding their processes and applications when developing our wiping solutions. Our CNM3A and CNM3KA wipes are qualified to the AMS 3819D aerospace standard. Only 50 technical wipes have managed to pass this highly regarded qualification globally – and two of those have been designed and developed in France by Gekatex.

The AMS 3819D standard sets the criteria for the testing, production and use of technical wipes in the aerospace industry – to ensure that the wipe is suitable for the application and it will not result is any unintended damage, or particle release that could be detrimental to the aircraft.


The PRI (Performance Review Institute, an independent organisation), QPL (Qualified Product Listing) registration, makes sure that our products and organisation are compliant and on top of the technical requirements in the standard. Regular quality analyses by the most recognised and respected external organisations guarantee that our products are of the highest quality.

This means that our customers have complete transparency and enhanced traceability with our products.


Products might be approved for use by a particular manufacturer, or as part of a specific project.

If a product is approved, this will generally mean that it meets the minimum requirements for a task. With PRI QPL qualification, our products are externally certified to the highest standards for use across the aerospace industry, by the industry leading certification office.

Many major manufacturers will require products to be certified before they will consider integrating them into a process.

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