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Gekatex Technical Wiping: optimise your process

A factory worker cleaning a car panel with a Gekatex wipe

From degreasing an aircraft prior to paint application, to ensuring that a mould has been efficiently primed with a releasing agent – our aim is to support you in improving your processes and delivering the best and most comprehensive results.

We recognise that more than simply being technically efficient at achieving a single task – for our products to be truly effective – they need to contribute to broader production success and outcomes, such as reducing cost, direct waste (from the wipe itself) and most importantly indirect waste (from scrap parts, repairing operations) due to process failure.

Additionally, our wipes are designed to meet the specific certifications and requirements of your industry, including Aerospace, Automotive, High Tech and Life Sciences.


We work closely with you to identify the nature of your challenge in the first instance.

Once we understand the challenge, if we don’t have an existing product that will work in the application – we will develop an innovative solution that meets all of your requirements.

Our experts will spend time exploring your wiping requirements and applications, right though your manufacturing process. Our wipes can then be optimised for you, with dimensions, folding and packaging all key elements in the design considerations to achieve the most efficient product.

We have the ability to scale our solutions to meet the requirements of our customers.

And because we own the entire manufacturing process from the sourcing of raw products to distribution, we are empowered to create and develop new and innovative products and ensure the highest levels of quality control and tracking. This means that our products are both, fully customisable and traceable.


As a global organisation, we have standardised internal processes and quality guaranteed. Our integrated international supply network means that you will get your supplies when you need them.

We have ISO 9001 certified factories in France, India and China. We also have a delivery centre in Mexico to service North America.

Our products are designed, engineered and controlled in Europe and manufactured to ensure minimum contamination.


We are committed to delivering process improvements for our customers – we created a sealant removal solution for one of the world’s largest aircraft equipment manufacturers that resulted in multiple benefits.

Our Polyscrub SR was tested and selected over the previous process by the customer.

Polyscrub SR achieves removal of 99% of excess sealant without the need for solvents. This meant improved working conditions on the production line, with reduced exposure to VOCs by 95% and cost saving through faster, more efficient, safer processes.

Gekatex technical wiping products bring benefits specific to each application – our Nanotex 320 wipe uses a special microfibre to provide optimal resistance on very abrasive applications. It is ideal for use on coarse composite surfaces.


Our CNM3KA and CNM3A wipes are AMS3819 certified PRIQPL for use in aerospace applications. The PRI (Performance Review Institute, an independent organisation), QPL (Qualified Product Listing) registration makes sure that our organisation is compliant and on top of the technical requirements in the AMS 3819D standard. Only 50 technical wipes have managed to pass this highly regarded qualification and two of those are from Gekatex!

Gekatex Technical Wiping solutions are made from different fabrics and engineered materials to provide the best outcome in your application. Our wipes ensure effective solvent, sealant and glue cleaning, particle removal, degreasing and absorption.

Choosing the right wipe is dependent upon the specific application – structure and surface texture, tear resistance, lint retention, abrasion resistance and impregnation capacity are all considerations in the selection of the best product for the job.

Acusat presaturated wipes offer convenience, consistency and efficiency.

We can help you to choose the perfect wipe, with the right solvent and packaging options for your application.

Our presaturated wipes ensure convenience, consistency and efficiency – reducing waste product, solvent consumption and operator exposure to VOCs and operational costs.

Originally developed by Gekatex in 1980, a tack cloth (also known as a Tack RagTM) is a wipe specifically designed to efficiently capture and retain dust, particles and lint that could affect the adhesion or quality of your surface treatment, whether it is painting, coating, lamination or other assembly process.

Find out more about our technical wipes here

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