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Botprotek: industrial robot covers and protection

A spray painting robot in a botprotek robot cover

Protective covers for robots, equipment and parts

Robots bring huge benefits to industrial processes – ensuring a more consistent and higher quality end product, while improving worker health and safety – with automation reducing the need for repetitive manual tasks. Recent improvements in technology and reliability of robotic arms and heads make these machines an increasingly appealing choice for industry – but, robots require a considerable initial investment.

So, how can you protect your capital investment and ensure better ROI from your robot?

Botprotek is a brand of the Gekatex Group that develops and manufactures protective covers for robots and industrial equipment. We work with organisations across multiple sectors to ensure that their robots can operate efficiently and safely – we can help you find the optimum solution.

Different types of industrial robots are suited to distinctive applications; from use in manufacturing and paint spraying to hospitals and space exploration. This can mean operational cost-savings as less cleaning and maintenance, but also reduced capital expenditure as covers can deliver extended life cycle and protection of tools, machinery and operators.

Our covers can be produced in multiple fabrics to suit the critical nature of the application.

  • ATEX – Our anti-static covers achieve ISO 80079-36 standard to prevent the risk of static sparks in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Fire retardant covers
  • Cleanroom certified – manufactured and air cleaned to ensure minimal contamination

They can also be provided in several colours to help identify the application of a robot in a production line, or just ensure that no machine was missed in the daily cleansing sweep.


Botprotek robot covers bring huge benefits to our customers – a recent project involved working closely with a leading automotive manufacturer to replace an inappropriate cover on a robot arm. This dramatically reduced the risk of fire due to static electricity in a paint booth.

Our Botprotek robot cover industry certifications provide additional peace-of-mind for our customers.


Robot covers can be supplied simply as rolled fabric for install in any application, as kits that are cut to size and sent directly to you for installation – or fully bespoke with our on-demand service. We have a huge database of designs and unique fabrics to work from that we have developed in-house.

Our on-demand solution involves an initial analysis of the robot’s operational environment. We take precise measurements of your robot to make a pattern for the cover and select the best suited materials and closure systems for the application – from solvents, to paint, water, dust and food. Finally, we will make the prototype and validate it together.


According to International Federation of Robotics, the global installation of industrial robots grew at a CAGR of +11% to 517,000 new units from 2016-2021 – the highest number in history. (PDF)

Key growth areas for industrial robots are transportation and logistics, hospitality, medical, professional cleaning and agricultural, while industries such as automotive and aerospace are already well established in the area. We have experience working with all the major robot brands, including FANUC, KUKA and ABB among others.


According to Statista, with the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) the growth trend in robots is only set to continue. Robots will increasingly be capable of more autonomous tasks, as a result of deep learning and problem-solving possible with AI. The AI robot market is expected to grow tenfold between 2021 and 2030.

Botprotek provides a complete protection solution made to cover any robot. We have previously produced robot covers for robots, including:

  • ABB IRB 5500
  • ABB IRB 6700
  • FANUC P250iB
  • KUKA KR16

Find out more about our Botprotek offer here

Contact us to discuss a robot cover solution based on your budget and requirements.

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